Developer kit for dice+

The dice+ used to sell a developer kit. That was a dice with a firmware that was used for developing applications(you didn’t need a public key for each application to be able to connect to the dice). To be able to use the consumer version of the dice+ for developing you need: 1) http://developers.dicepl.us/show/download – […]

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List of swf versions and flash player versions

Tutorial on how to update flash ide with new version : http://derekknox.com/daklab/2012/03/09/tutorial-how-to-target-flash-player-11-2-in-flash-professional-cs5/ Of course you need to pay attention to the version that you’re updating to, as the tutorial is for an older version but the process is the same. Flash Player Version AIR version -swf-version=9 N/A -swf-version=10 10.0, 10.1 1.5, 2.0 -swf-version=11 10.2 […]

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List of png2atf commands

You should only use mip-maps for 3d assets. You should use all 3 sub formats because you will find that android os is running on devices that support all sub-formats. Complete test cases and samples here : http://jacksondunstan.com/articles/2013 # All sub-formats. All mip-map levels. png2atf -c -i image.png -o image_all.atf # All sub-formats. No mip-map […]

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Export air in flash develop with captive runtime

This guide is reffering to FlashDevelop version and to the “Air Mobile AS3 App” template available with FlashDevelop In “Run.bat” both the “goto android-debug” and “goto android-test” point to the same thing “goto android-package” The “:android-package” commands will lead to “Packager.bat” where it will enter this condition “if “%PLATFORM%”==”android” goto android-config” no matter if […]

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How to update air sdk within flash develop correctly

1) download the latest flash develop if you update to a major version so you canĀ  select from the dropdown the appropiate air sdk version 2) download flex sdk . unzip it somehwere 3) download air sdk . unzip in the same folder you choosed at 2) . overwrite when asked . 4) add the […]

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dllhost.exe com surrogate windows problem

dllhost.exe starts with windows and continues to take up memory until it crashes with no memory available . If you’ve checked for any malware/ viruses the problem resides with a corrupted picture/movie file . I remembered that i had a crash during an .mp4 download that was on desktop. Windows was trying to make a […]

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Changing java sdk in android studio

Working with eclipse and android before android studio required java 1.6 . You could use 1.7 but there were severals settings/workarounds to make it compatible . I installed android studio with 1.6 jdk installed already. Then i uninstalled jdk 1.6 and installed 1.7 . Updated JAVA_HOME enviroment variable and added the corect jdk to the […]

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Generating a p12 certificate for ios with open ssl from scratch

This guide is written with the ideea in mind that you installed open ssl for windows succesfully and you know how the workflow of developer certificates works within the apple website. genrsa -passout pass:yourpassword -out developer_identity.key 2048 req -new -key thekey.key -out certificate.csr -subj “/emailAddress=youremail@email.com, CN=Vasilescu Nicusor, C=RO” -config “openssl.cfg”* openssl x509 -inform der -in […]

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Wamp stuck at orange, adobe products not starting

The day started with wamp that stopped working.It worked the day before and nothing changed.Well nothing that I changed. The icon would just stay orange . I tried the entire list of simptoms on the internet (ex : http://smallcitydesign.com/wamp-wont-start/ ).Nothing. The apache log didn’t say nothing about why it couldn’t start also. At the same […]

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