After you have created a project using the “Air mobile AS3 app” template and updated to the latest AIR SDK (paths and everything) :

  • bat folder -> SetupApplication.bat

In my case line 25 and 26 refer to ios signing options and params.

For each or just for the type of deployment you want add “-useLegacyAOT no”

set IOS_DEV_SIGNING_OPTIONS=-storetype pkcs12 -keystore “%IOS_DEV_CERT_FILE%” -storepass %IOS_DEV_CERT_PASS% -provisioning-profile %IOS_DEVELOPMENT_PROVISION%

becomes :

set IOS_DEV_SIGNING_OPTIONS=-useLegacyAOT no -storetype pkcs12 -keystore “%IOS_DEV_CERT_FILE%” -storepass %IOS_DEV_CERT_PASS% -provisioning-profile %IOS_DEVELOPMENT_PROVISION%


At current time if you use the new compiler, debugging with Adobe Scout CC will no longer function.