This guide is reffering to FlashDevelop version and to the “Air Mobile AS3 App” template available with FlashDevelop

In “Run.bat” both the “goto android-debug” and “goto android-test” point to the same thing “goto android-package”

The “:android-package” commands will lead to “Packager.bat” where it will enter this condition

“if “%PLATFORM%”==”android” goto android-config” no matter if you went for “android-debug” or “android-test”

We need to diferentiate them (You won’t need captive runtime for debugging because you should have adobe air installed already on the device, but you would want to package adobe air with the apk so the user doesn’t have to install adobe air before installing your application).

1) Run.bat

  • point “:android-debug” to go to “goto android-package-debug” for the next step

  • replicate “:android-package” and change it’s title to “:android-package-debug” and PLATFORM variable to “set PLATFORM=android-debug”


  • add another if statement for the new PLATFORM variable value that you just introduced

“if “%PLATFORM%”==”android-debug” goto android-config-debug”

  • replicate “:android-config” commands and change title to “:android-config-debug”

  • in “:android-config” change TYPE to “set TYPE=apk-captive-runtime”

That’s it . Every time you choose to go to android-test it will pack adobe air also.